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understand Japan.

Built from the ground-up to help you build your Japanese vocabulary, one day at a time.

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A bird's-eye view of your Japanese learning journey.
1. Add Cards

1. Add Cards

Bring your own words or pick from classics like Minna no Nihongo and Genki.

Kotobaten helps you kickstart your vocabulary collection and keep things tidy as you learn more.
2. Start Learning

2. Start Learning

Click Practice and Kotobaten makes sure you stay challenged and don't forget what you learned.

You don't need to worry about which decks to practice. Kotobaten keeps track of all your decks balances between practicing old ones and discovering new ones.
3. Learn for the Long Run

3. Learn for the Long Run

Japanese takes time and patience.

Kotobaten keeps you motivated to practice every day, but is forgifing when you stumble. Instead of spamming you with notifications, we give you tools like recovery and speed modes to get back on the horse after you"ve fallen off.

What is the price?


We will introduce a monthly subscription with extra features in the future.

How is it different from Duolingo, Memrise, or Drops? 🤔

Most apps need to support a broad range of languages.
We focus 100% on Japanese.

Thanks to our focus, Kotobaten can offer best-in-class support for the Japanese's unique quirks, like the need to learn the kanji and the reading separately.

Other apps are optimized to kick-start your journey in a fun way.
Kotobaten is here for the long-run.

The hard truth is that learning Japanese takes years, not months.
Kotobaten is for ambitious people who don't want to stop at learning how to order at a restaurant.
👋 I'm Jan, a long-time Japanese learner, and Kotobaten is my side project.

Some people magically remember words after hearing them twice.
I'm not one of them 😅.

I tried all the apps to help me. None of them worked, especially as I enjoy learning random words I pick up for books and TV, mostly to frustrate my teacher by misusing them.

Using Kotobaten for roughly a year enabled me to learn and retain around a thousand new words.

There is so much fun and fascination you will unlock by learning Japanese.

My hope is Kotobaten will make it just a little bit easier for you.

ー Jan