When learning Japanese vocabulary, discovering the right context along with the word is critical for all students.

In the very first lesson of Minna no Nihongo, an introductory Japanese textbook, you can find two words with seemingly identical meanings: 先生(せんせい) and 教師(きょうし). Both mean teacher. The distinction lies in usage. While you call your teacher せんせい, they will call themselves きょうし. Identifying the speaker is the key here, and a is a bit of a theme that will keep popping up as you level up your Japanese.

To help you remember these meaningful nuances, we're introducing Card Notes. Card notes give you that extra field on a card that you can use to help you capture any nuances of the word you want to use for later.

Here are a few quick ideas on how to take advantage of the feature:

  • Add an example sentence
  • Denote politeness level
  • Write down where you found the word

We hope this new feature gives you more confidence when the time comes to put that new word into action!