With many of us spending most of 2020 in confinement, taking care of your body is more important than ever. Today we'll talk about combining a free, approachable way to stretch your body and level up your knowledge of Japanese vocabulary related to the body at the same time.

This year, the global health situation has confined many of us to their homes, without regular access to exercise or even walks.

Spending day after day working hunched over the kitchen table, our bodies are tired and are crying out for a good stretch.

Online yoga videos are one way to stretch your body that's accessible to all kinds of people, from people with no yoga practice to pros that relish the crow pose. They're easy to find and range from quick five-minute stretching sessions to full hour-long yoga classes.

If you need an extra reason to stretch, consider yoga classes in Japanese by the B-life YouTube channel. The channel is run by a wife/husband duo has lessons for all kinds of situations, including evening yoga in bed.

Not only are these lessons professionally-run and high quality in their own right, but they are also fantastic as a vocabulary learning tool. As you'd expect, the teachers (Mariko-sensei) instructions contain loads of interesting vocab for different body parts, descriptions of movement, and more.

What's even better, the most useful vocabulary frequently repeats within a single video as well as across videos, making memorization easy. If you can exercise with the videos regularly, you will learn lots of words without even trying, such as:

  • 肩甲骨 (肩甲骨) - shoulder blade
  • ゆらゆらする - swaying from side to side
  • 骨盤 (こつばん) - pelvis

On top of it, the live streams feature small-talk between Mariko and her husband, allowing you to ease into the lesson.

If this sounds like a fun way to learn Japanese, explore the channel or try out the below fifteen-minute video for beginners that helps with shoulder and neck relaxation that can serve as a good intro for the channel.

As a bonus, we've prepared a few Kotobaten decks with common vocabulary from the lessons:

Lastly, if you're feeling brave, Mariko-sense has also released a book about yoga titled 魔法のヨガ.

Hopefully, you found the tip useful, until next time!