We have all been there.

You're on a roll, reviewing your words and learning new ones every day. Then you have a bad morning, which turns into a bad week and before you know it, you haven't touch your vocabulary app in a month. You're struggling to recall vocab you could recite from your sleep just a few weeks ago. Complete resignation feels like the only option. You know you have a few tought weeks ahead of you and want to give up, making the problem even worse.

The feature we're shipping today aims to help with this. We call it Recovery Mode and you might not even notice it's there. 😇

Once you accumulate too many words to refresh, Kotobaten looks at all your decks, picks the most urgent cards for you to recap and hides the rest for three days.

This mode gives you an opportunity to systematically start paying off your learning debt, without being overwhelmed, and still being able to sprinkle in new cards. Once the three days pass, you will see the rest of the cards you need to refresh. If they're still too much, Kotobaten will again prioritize the most urgent ones.

We hope that Recovery Mode makes it easier for you to pick yourself up after a bad strea and stick to your long-term learning goals.