Counters: Small Objects (~個)

The ~個(=こ) counter was originally meant for small objects. But the current use is beyond small objects and it's a counter you can use for almost anything.

Learn Counters: Small Objects (~個)
1 stone一個いっこ
2 stones二個にこ
3 stones三個さんこ
4 stones四個よんこ
5 stones五個ごこ
6 stones六個ろっこ
7 stones七個ななこ
8 stones八個はちこ
9 stones九個きゅうこ
10 stones十個じゅっこ
100 stones百個ひゃっこ
1000 stones千個せんこ
10000 stones一万個いちまんこ
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